St. Innocent of Alaska Monastery
9452 Hazelton, Redford, Michigan


                                                  “I said to the almond tree,
                                                  ‘Sister, speak to me of God.’
                                                  And the almond tree blossomed.”
                                                             Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

All prophesy is poetry
Prophet and poet —
Both are blossoms
Of the same almond tree.

                                                   “All creation or passage of non-being into being is poetry.”
                                                                              Plato, Symposium, 205

Prophet and poet
Both are seers —
They see the world’s amiss,
They see worlds
That others miss.        

                                                  "[what] enabled them [poets] to write their poetry [is] a kind of instinct or inspiration,

                                                                                    such as you find in seers and prophets...."     

                                                                                           Socrates (Plato)   Apology, 22           

Prophet and poet
Both are dreamers —
They dream dreams
Others dare not.
They dare to dream of that which is not
But ought to be.
They dream dreams of a world
Where justice, equality,
Freedom and truth,
Fill hearts and minds and souls.

Prophet and poet
Both have visions —
They have visions of Love and Life and Beauty:
Visions of Beauty that transfigures the mundane;
Visions of Life filled with beauteous love;
Visions of Love that fills the heart
And the world
With joy and serenity.

Prophet and poet
Both are inspired —
They are inspired by visions and dreams.
Caught up in ecstasy,
They stand outside themselves
And watch the words
Pour forth, gush forth —
Their source somewhere other
Than their everyday selves.
Prophetic and poetic inspiration —
Their source is the same —
An ecstatic encounter
With the sublime.

By Sister Ioanna
St. Innocent Monastic Community,
Redford, MI

From: VISIONS of Love & Life & Beauty, published by Firebird Videos, Audios & Books