St. Innocent of Alaska Monastery
9452 Hazelton, Redford, Michigan


A cool gentle refreshing breeze,
A burning fiery devouring flame —
Both are wrapped around me,
Both consume me —
I am bathed in the Presence.

Like the three faithful Hebrews
In the burning fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar,
Who were wrapped in dew by their angels
Lest the flames devour them,
So am I wrapped in dew
When the Spirit seizes me
And lifts me up into the Presence,
Lest I be devoured
By the fiery flaming Presence.

Who am I to be blessed
With such abundant riches and treasures
Surpassing all comprehension?
Am I not the richest person in the world
To be so blessed —
Wrapped in dew,
Wrapped in the love of God!

By Sister Ioanna
St. Innocent Monastic Community,
Redford, MI

From: VISIONS of Love & Life & Beauty, published by St. Innocent/Firebird Videos, Audios & Books