St. Innocent of Alaska Monastery
9452 Hazelton, Redford, Michigan




 for the Journey

 Along THE WAY




My Lord and my God —

Here I am again, falling down before You, thanking You for all Your wonderful kindness to me.  I thank you for Your wonderful rich blessings with which You fill my heart and my life. 
Thank You for the simple joys of life — for the sweet fragrance and beauty of the flowers, of the joyful singing of the birds, of love and friendship, of the warmth of a sun-shiny-blue-sky-day, clear and crisp.
Thank you for the taste of Spring, already reminding us of what lies ahead, when the whole world will be renewed and recreated. 
Thank you for the potential that each day brings, the potential to be renewed and recreated, and to bring the hope, the joy of renewal and re-creation into the lives of others.
Thank you for the joy and peace of knowing You and dwelling in Your Presence.
Thank you for the laughter and innocence, love and hugs of children. Surely children are made in Your Image.  If only more of us adults could retain Your Image in which You created us, and reclaim the childlike love, trust, and ability to laugh and play and dance to a tune that adults rarely hear — the tune of Your holy, divine creation, the tune of Your joy, love, peace, laughter and beauty — the beauty of the world the way You created it, the beauty of us whom You created in Your Image. 
Lord, please help me to hear this tune of Your creation.  Help me to restore the fallen Image — in me and in the world around me.   We sure have made a mess of the wonderful world You created.  Please help me to tune out the pollution of the messed-up world-that-knows-You-not, and to tune in to You and to Your world. Help me to tune in to the beautiful music of life lived in Your Presence. Help me to sing and dance to the Eternal music of Your Love and Joy and Peace.
Thank you so much for filling my ears and my heart with Your music.
Thank You so much for the gift worth more than anything else in the world — the gift of knowing You. Amen.